New Mobs in Minecraft in 1.20 update

Minecraft fans, prepare to be amazed by what’s coming in the next content update. Mojang got everyone excited for 1.20 with their presentation during MineCon Live 2022 – introducing two new mobs that are set to join players’ adventures: camels and Sniffers! The latter was voted this year as fan-favourite out of three contenders, beating out Tuff Golems and Rascals alike. Get ready for an adventure like never before when version 1.20 hits later in 2023!


Mojang is bringing a fan-favourite animal to Minecraft with the upcoming 1.20 update – camels! Players can find these unique mobs in hot, arid biomes like deserts and will even be able to saddle up for two people at once. But that’s not all – when ridden, they are capable of dashing forward with enough momentum to jump over rivers or ravines safely! If players want baby camels too, just feed them cacti then watch as an adorable newborn appears. What’s more: due to their impressive height camel riders remain safe from hostile mob attacks while travelling through harsh environments!

Camel Mob

Camels’ ability to transport items like chests remains a mystery, but Mojang is likely to shed more light on desert-dwelling mobs sooner rather than later.

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Players of Minecraft can now look forward to a whole new farming experience with the upcoming arrival of Sniffer is winner by an overwhelming majority in the 2022 Mob Vote. This mob has two forms, including a baby form for increased breeding possibilities, and will introduce something completely unique into gameplay: sniffing out seeds that grow rare plants only found through this incredible creature! Get ready for some seriously exciting farming opportunities once it arrives with the next update.

Sniffer Mob

Players who venture into the depths of sunken shipwrecks may come upon a magical surprise – loot chests containing mysterious eggs from an unknown creature known as the Sniffer. With its powerful sense of smell, this peculiar mob is able to detect ancient seeds on the ground and allow players to grow new decorative plants never before seen in Minecraft’s Overworld. Although not much else is known about these fascinating creatures yet, Mojang promises future trailers that will reveal more details! Rest assured, however; The Sniffer appears friendly and docile with no intention to harm player adventurers – making them perfect companions for those passionate about gardening or farming within their world.

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As the countdown to Minecraft’s 1.20 update continues, players everywhere are eager to find out what new surprises await them! With trailers and previews releasing soon, they can expect exciting events such as Camel riding that has been teased so far– plus many more amazing additions in store from Mojang! Even if the developer keeps some info secret for now, data mining experts will surely uncover plenty of upcoming features ahead of time.

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