If you’re an avid Minecraft PE player looking to add an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to your gameplay, then the Lucky Blocks Mod is a must-have. This popular modification introduces a unique element of chance and surprise, allowing players to uncover a wide range of rewards, challenges, and unexpected events within the Minecraft world.

What Are Lucky Blocks?

Lucky Blocks are unique blocks that exist to challenge and entertain Minecraft PE players. When you stumble upon these conspicuous pink blocks, be prepared for a mix of good fortune and potential disaster. Breaking these blocks can yield a wide range of outcomes, from treacherous encounters with hordes of zombies and dangerous lava pools to rare and valuable rewards.

What is the Lucky Block addon ?

The Lucky Block addon is all about taking chances and relying solely on luck. To participate, you’ll need to collect gold and craft Lucky Blocks. Additionally, you’ll require Blaze rods, but obtaining them shouldn’t pose a challenge. Once you have the blocks, simply destroy them by hand or with tools. They will yield either beneficial rewards or cause harm—it all depends on your luck. Some of the items that may drop include diamond tools and armor, iron tools, ladders, villagers, creepers, explosions, enchanted armor, and more.


This Minecraft PE addon is a simple yet popular addition to the game. The lucky blocks have gathered a dedicated fanbase, although this particular mod poses less of a threat compared to others.

While it may make the gameplay slightly less exciting, there are still plenty of experiences to be had. Players must break the lucky blocks, and upon destruction, these blocks will randomly trigger an event that affects the player. The event could range from encountering a group of hostile creepers to receiving a valuable stack of diamonds in MCPE.

The addon derives its name from this concept, as your adventures in the game are solely determined by pure luck.

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Mini Bosses

This Minecraft PE Lucky Blocks mod introduces two mini bosses inspired by a Java addon. Meet Bob and Peter! Bob is a zombie clad in diamond armor and wields a sword, while Peter is equipped with an enchanted bow and also wears diamond armor. Both mini bosses have a health pool of 100. Interestingly, upon defeating them, both Bob and Peter drop lucky bars as a reward. Get ready for an epic battle with these formidable foes and the chance to obtain valuable loot!

Five more Blocks Like this

The Unfortunate Block brings mostly negative outcomes when broken, while the Good Luck Block yields mostly positive outcomes. Additionally, there are five more blocks with varying effects.

Lucky Mobs

This addon introduces a block called Lucky Mobs, which, when broken, generates random mobs. These mobs can range from friendly creatures to hostile enemies, providing a surprise element to encounters in the game.

Lucky Structures

With the Lucky Structures addon, you’ll find a block known as Lucky Structures. Breaking this block generates random structures in the game world. These structures can include anything from houses and dungeons to temples and fortresses, adding new exploration opportunities.

Lucky Drops

The Lucky Drops addon features a block called Lucky Drops, which, when broken, produces random drops. These drops can include valuable items, resources, or even rare treasures. It adds an element of excitement and the potential for unexpected rewards.

Lucky PvP

In the Lucky PvP addon, you’ll come across the Lucky PvP block. Breaking this block generates items specifically designed for player-versus-player (PvP) combat. These items may include powerful weapons, armor, potions, or other useful tools to enhance your PvP battles.

Withered Lucky Block

This is an incredibly unique block in Minecraft. When broken, it generates special weapons that are exclusive to this block. These weapons possess extraordinary abilities and can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

Crafting recipe

To craft a Lucky Block in Minecraft, surround the entire Crafting Table grid with eight Gold Ingots, leaving the center empty, resulting in a Lucky Block that can be broken to trigger random and exciting events.

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