This mod enhances the lighting in your world. It gives you more control and flexibility over how your blocks and entities emit light, making it easier to create dynamic lighting effects. The mod adds new blocks with adjustable levels of brightness and colour, as well as giving players access to a larger range of existing blocks that emit light. It also adds dynamic lighting to entities such as mobs, so their movements are accurately lit up in your world. With the mod, you can create beautiful and realistic lighting effects such as campfires, torches, lava pools, or even stars in the night sky.


  • Create more realistic lighting and atmosphere in your game.
  • Adds dynamic, ambient light sources to the environment that change depending on the time of day and weather conditions.
  • Allows you to experience different lighting scenarios throughout your playing session, making nighttime feel darker and daytime brighter.
  • Works seamlessly with select modded items.
  • Any entity holding an item that emits light will also emit light.
  • Magma cubes, spectral arrows, burning entities, and blazes all emit light.
  • Certain items, such as torches and soul torches, will not function underwater.
  • Quick and easy-to-use API for developers.
  • And much more!
LambDynamicLights Minecraft Mod

Download and install

  • Get the most out of your game by following these easy steps to install mods.
  • First, download and install Fabric Mod Loader and Fabric API or Quilt.
  • We also recommend using the Mod Menu for access to advanced settings.
  • Next, download the mod for your specific game version.
  • Finally, place the mod in the ‘mods’ folder within your game folder. It’s that simple!

How to use LambDynamicLights Minecraft Mod

Press the ‘L’ key in your Minecraft game to open the LambDynamicLights menu.Now select the ‘Enable Lights’ option to turn on dynamic lighting for your game.Use the ‘Brightness’ slider to adjust the brightness of the dynamic lights.Now its time to use the ‘Light Distance’ slider to adjust the distance at which dynamic lights will be visible.To closeLamb Dynamic Lights menu Press the ‘X’ key .

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  • consume a sufficient amount of sodium for better performance.
  • While Canvas is compatible, it is currently a work in progress. Expect significant lag spikes until a proper lighting API is implemented in Canvas.

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