How to update Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most recognisable video games worldwide and developers are continuously introducing new versions. While updating the game typically occurs automatically, there’s also an option to update manually – this guide will show you exactly how!

How to update Minecraft Bedrock On PC

Upgrade your Minecraft Bedrock experience – give it a boost with the latest updates! To get started,

1ststep:open up Microsoft Store and select ‘

open Microsoft

2ndstep:click library on bottom left.

update minecraft bedrock

3rdstep: Then click on “Get Updates”, wait for everything to finish loading in,and then enjoy hours of entertainment as you explore all-new content available through this update. It’s that easy – so upgrade today and make every adventure even more memorable than before!

update minecraft bedrock

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How to Update Minecraft Java on Pc

Always stay in the game with the Minecraft Launcher app! This essential tool will make sure your copy of “Minecraft: Java Edition” is always up to date so you can play without interruption. Open it while connected online and any available updates will be installed automatically, allowing you to jump right into building your virtual world as soon as possible!

To get the most out of your Minecraft experience,

1ststep: open the Launcher and select ‘Latest Release’ from the drop-down menu.

2ndstep:Ensure you have downloaded the right version by comparing it to what’s currently available online – a quick Google search will do! Furthermore, don’t forget about storage space; make certain that enough room is free on your device before attempting an update.

How to update Minecraft on Nintendo Switch

Upgrading your Minecraft experience on the Nintendo Switch is a simple process

1ststep:start up the game, an inviting window will appear with all of the details about what’s new in this version –

Update Minecraft on Nintendo switch

2ndstep:it takes just a few clicks to get there and begin downloading.

update Minecraft on Nintndo switch

3rdstep:When that upgrade has been downloaded and installed, jump back into adventure mode for endless fun!

update Minecraft on Nintndo switch

Jump back into adventure mode for endless fun!

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How to update Minecraft on Xbox

Keeping your Minecraft game up to date on Xbox is easy!

1ststep:Simply go to ‘My Apps & Games’ and select the more options button next to it,

2ndstep: then choose ‘Manage Game & Add-ons.’ Finish by pressing ‘Updates’ for a smooth gaming experience every time.

How to update Minecraft on iOS/Android device

Keeping up to date with your favourite games has never been easier! Here’s a guide on how you can ensure that the version of Minecraft installed on your iOS/Android device

1ststep:Go to App Store or Google Play, find and select Minecraft from your library – if needed, it will prompt for an update

2ndstep:Press “update” and wait patiently until the installation finishes. For maximum efficiency, we recommend double-checking regularly in case there are any available updates waiting for you!

How to update Minecraft on Plastation

Don’t let yourself get stuck without the latest Minecraft updates! Just make sure your Playstation is set up to upgrade automatically, or if not follow these simple instructions: 1ststep:locate it in your library and use the ‘options’ button.

2ndstep:Then click ‘check for update’ – easy as pie. And luckily most downloads go quickly so you can be back enjoying all of the new features sooner rather than later!

Final verdicts

Updating Minecraft on any of its platforms is important. By keeping your game up to date, you will have access to the latest content and upgrades available. From simple bug fixes to new experience packs, those who choose to update the game can take advantage of all the newest features. Even if you’re an amateur, it’s important to know how to keep your own digital playground firmly up-to-date across multiple platforms. Most of these updates are free, but some come with a cost—so be sure you’re ready before downloading anything new. Now that we’ve reviewed updating Minecraft on PC, mobile, PlayStation and Xbox platforms, we hope that this article has given you insight into the basic process. Did this article help you? If so don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments below! We wish you best of luck in finding success in your adventures within blocks!

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