Craft smooth stone in Minecraft

Smooth stone is an essential element for a range of activities in Minecraft. It has a smooth appearance.  Players can utilize it to build houses and create tools and weapons. Moreover, it is designed for making complex structures. Soft stone is an essential element for a range of activities in Minecraft. It has dim texture than fixed stone. Players can use it to build houses, create tools, weapons, floors, and walls, and even craft advanced contraptions like pistons. The possibilities are endless with this multi-functional material. It is a versatile block and can be used for many purposes, like in decorative blocks. It can be used to make stone bricks and slabs. It is a valuable building material in Minecraft.

Ingredient to Make Smooth stone

ingredient to make smooth stone

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

1st step: First step to make smooth stone is to get cobblestone,You can find cobblestone in many places, but one of the most common is in caves. Caves are often filled with cobblestone deposits,You can get Cobblestones by mining blocks with digging tools.

Find a source of stone

2nd step: To smelt cobblestone,you will need to have a furnace and some fuel. This can be anything from coal or wood. Once you have both a furnace and fuel, simply place the cobblestone into the top slot of the furnace and your fuel in the bottom slot and wait for it to smelt the cobblestone into stone.

smelt  cobblestone

3rd step: Smelt the regular stone in the furnace again and fuel it with the same burnable item. After this process, the stone will be changed into a smooth stone.

Craft smooth stone

4th step: The regular stone will smelt into smooth stone.

Craft smooth stone

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How to Make Smooth stone Slab in Minecraft

To make a smooth stone slab in Minecraft, firstly, obtain the smooth stone by following method.Now open your crafting table, and place three smooth stone blocks in a horizontal row in the second row of the crafting grid. This will yield six smooth stone slabs.

Craft the smooth stone slabs

Uses of Smooth stone In Minecraft

Building Material

Smooth stone is a common building material in Minecraft. It can be used to create house walls, , and . Smooth stone is also a common ingredient in many crafting recipes, such as the recipe for stone bricks.


In addition to being a useful building material, smooth stone can also be used for decoration. Smooth stone blocks can be placed in patterns to create decorative designs on walls and floors. Smooth stone can also be crafted into polished stone, which has a shiny surface that can be used to add a touch of luxury to a home or castle.


Smooth stone can also be used to create furniture. Stone chairs, tables, and beds can be crafted from smooth stone blocks.

Weapons and Tools

Smooth stone can also be used to create weapons and tools. Swords, pickaxes, and shovels can all be crafted from smooth stone blocks. These items are essential for survival in Minecraft

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How to Make Blast furnace

Blast furnace faster smelting speedly then furnace .To make a blast Furnace place furnace into the middle slot of the crafting table. place smooth stone in th bottom row and put iron ingots around the furnace in carfting table.Once you have placed the materials in the correct pattern, the Blast Furnace appears in the result box

Craft Blast furnace

The Fastest Way to Smelt Smooth Stone: Using a Blast FurnaceThis powerful piece of equipment can smelt stone much faster than a simple furnace. So if you’re looking to speed up your smelting process, a blast furnace is the way to go.

Cracked stone bricks provide a unique texture and level of detail that is sure to impress. Crafting them is simple: just gather four blocks of smooth stone or cobblestone and use a crafting table to create these versatile blocks. Enhance your builds and take them to the next level with cracked stone bricks.

Final verdits

Crafting smooth stone has many uses in Minecraft and is an easy craft to master. Players of all ages and experience levels can benefit from having smooth stone on demand, making it an important part of understanding the basics of the game. Knowing how to make smooth stone can provide a great advantage to those who want to venture into more complex crafting elements in Minecraft. We hope this article has given you insight into exactly what is needed for crafting smooth stone and that it helps give Is this article help you? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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