how to get saddle in minecraft

In Minecraft, Saddle is a piece of equipment used in animal husbandry and horseback riding. In short, it is a seat that is designed to be placed on the back of an animal. It is an item that allows the player to ride various passive mobs, including horses, donkeys, mules, and pigs. When quipped, a saddle allows the player to control the movement of the mob they are riding, allowing them to move faster and jump higher than they would on foot. Saddles can be found in several ways in Minecraft. One way to obtain it is through fishing and many more. If you want to learn more about how to get saddle in Minecraft read the article below;

How to Get The Saddle in Creative Mod in Minecraft

To get saddle in Creative mode, open the inventory menu by pressing “e” on your keyboard. This will bring up the inventory screen, where you can find a saddle in the “Tools” tab. It is usually located near the bottom

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How to get the saddle in Minecraft in survival mods

In Minecraft survival mode, obtaining a saddle can be a bit challenge, as they are not commonly found in the game world. there are several ways to get saddle in Minecraft in survial Mods

Trade with master leatherworker

You can trade saddle with master leatherworker or butcher villagers to obtain a saddle. Leatherworker villagers may offer a saddle in exchange for six emeralds, while butcher villagers may offer a saddle in exchange for raw pork chops. You can also trade with master-level leather villagers, who have a chance of offering a saddle as a rare trade for a lower number of emeralds.

To trade with a Master Leatherworker,


Another way to obtain a saddle in Minecraft survival mode is by fishing. You can catch a saddle as a rare item while fishing with a fishing rod. However, the odds of catching a saddle are relatively low, so you may need to fish for a while before getting one. It is recommended to fish in open water sources such as oceans, rivers, or lakes, as they have a higher chance of yielding rare items.

cast your fishing rod to get bite

Chest in generated structures

The easiest way to find a saddle in survival mode is by searching chests in generated structures such as dungeons, temples, and mineshafts. These structures are scattered throughout the world and are filled with loot. Saddle is a rare item and not guaranteed to be found in every chest. But exploring more structures can increase your chances of finding one. Keep in mind that some structures are more likely to obtain a saddle than others. For example, desert temples are known to have a higher chance of spawning saddles.

Nether fortress chests

Nether fortresses are structures that generate in the nether biome, and they contain a variety of valuable items, including chests. Nether fortress chests are typically found in small rooms within the fortress. To find a nether fortress, you can explore the nether biome and look for long, narrow structures made of nether bricks. These structures can generate in a variety of shapes, and it may take some time to find one. Once you find a fortress, look for the small rooms that contain chests. These rooms can be identified by their rectangular shape and often have a blaze spawner nearby.

Find a  chest in Nether Fortress:

Dungeon chests

Dungeons are small underground structures that generate randomly in the over world, and they contain chests with valuable items. Dungeon chests are typically found at the end of a small corridor or room with the dungeon. To find a dungeon, you can explore the over world and look for small openings in the ground that lead to underground caverns. Once you find a dungeon, navigate through the corridors and rooms until you find the chest.

Find a Chest in a Dungeon

Desert temple chests

Desert temples are structures that generate in desert biomes, and they contain chests with valuable items, including rare items such as saddles. Desert temple chests are typically found at the bottom of the temple, beneath a pressure plate trap. To find a desert temple, you can explore the desert biome and look for small structures made of sandstone blocks. These structures can be difficult to spot from a distance, so it’s recommended to use a map or compass to locate them. Once you find temple, avoid the pressure plate trap and dig down to the chest.

Find chest in desert Temple

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Bartering with piglins

If you are playing in the nether biome, you can barter with piglins to obtain a saddle. Piglins are aggressive mobs that attack players on sight, but they can be traded with if the player offers them gold ingots. You can trade with piglins by throwing gold ingots at them, and in return, they will throw random items back at you, including a saddle. The odds of getting a saddle from a Piglin are not guaranteed, but the more gold ingots you offer, the better you chances are. Overall, obtaining a saddle in survival mode requires some luck and effort. Keep exploring structures, fishing, and trading with villagers or piglins to increase your chances of getting a saddle.

Get saddle to bretering piglins

More about Saddle

It also comes in different sizes, shapes, and materials, and is designed to fit the specific shape of the animal they are meant for. They are typically made of leather, although synthetic materials such as nylon are also used. Moreover, for providing a comfortable seat for the rider, saddles also serve other purposes. They often have straps and loops that allow the rider to attach various pieces of equipment, such as stirrups, reins, and saddlebags. Saddles can also be decorated with various embellishments, such as metal studs, stitching, and patterns


I hope all the queries about how to get saddle in Minecraft are clear now. Unfortunately, it is not possible to craft a saddle in Minecraft. You can only obtain it through various means such as finding them in generated structures, fishing, trading with villagers or bartering with piglins. However, if you want to obtain a saddle, you will need to explore the world, trade with villagers, or fish to get one. Once you have a saddle you can use it to ride horses, donkeys and mules to travel faster.

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