Minecraft provides several options for flying, including limited flight with a trident. Flying with a trident. This adds a new level of challenge to gameplay. To achieve this, at least one enchantment is required, but players can enjoy staying in the air for a variable durationFollow the step-by-step instructions in the guide below, useful for players and newcomers alike. Let’s get started and soar through the skies of Minecraft!

How to fly With Tirident

Flying in Minecraft using a trident due to the “Riptide” game mechanic is a possibility. To do this, you need to take specific steps:

Acquire a trident: Tridents can be obtained by killing drowned mobs; they have a chance to drop it after death.

Acquire a triden

Enchant the trident: You can obtain Riptide through enchanting tables, as a treasure enchantment in chests, or by trading with villagers. Hold the enchanted trident or enchantment book in your hand and right-click on an enchanting table to see the available options.

Enchant the trident

Equip the trident: Place the Riptide-enchanted trident in your hotbar and equip it in your hand. Look for a water source: Water bodies, such as lakes, rivers, or oceans, are suitable.

Equip the trident

Activate Riptide: Stand in or near the water and right-click while holding the trident. The Riptide enchantment will propel you forward if you have enough water. You can continue flying by holding the right-click button.

Flying with a trident using Riptide requires the trident to have the Riptide enchantment and for you to be in or near water. The effect doesn’t work in the air or on land.

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Other Trident Enchantments

The Trident has several Enchantments which make it a great weapon. If you happen to have the Loyalty Enchantment, your Trident will return to you after being thrown, similar to how Thor handles Mjolnir in Marvel Comics. Another Enchantment to consider is Channeling. This valuable Enchantment allows you to cast lightning bolts at the attack location. Keep in mind that the effect only works during thunderstorms, which are rare in Minecraft. Lastly, the Impaling Enchantment is a handy choice for causing significant damage to any water-based mobs such as Fish, Drowned, and Squids.

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