The Wroughtnaut Room is a fascinating structure included in Mowzie’s Mobs. It is found underground in the Overworld between y-levels 55 and 30. This square room is distinguished by its Cobblestone pillars and a Stone Slab floor, complemented by Torches set into the surrounding walls. And what’s even more interesting is the fact that only one Ferrous Wroughtnaut can spawn in the center of each generated Wroughtnaut Room – it’s their exclusive natural spawning area.

HOW TO Damage the Ferrous Wroughtnaut

When the Ferrous Wroughtnaut awakens, it fiercely attacks the player, wielding multiple moves such as spinning around in circles or attacking from above. Attempts to strike back only result in a clanging sound as the sword hits metal, inflicting no damage. This is because the Ferrous Wroughtnaut can only be damaged in a particular way.

Ferrous Wroughtnau 2

The Knight will execute a special move where it swings from above, which must be dodged. The move lodges its axe in the ground, rendering the Ferrous Wroughtnaut vulnerable. The only way to damage it is by attacking from behind at this juncture.

Although not immediately evident, there is a clue to defeating the Ferrous Wroughtnaut. Observing from behind, a sword can be seen lodged in its back. As soon as the axe is stuck in the ground, attack repeatedly until the Ferrous Wroughtnaut is conquered.

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Ferrous Wroughtnaut Drops

The Ferrous Wroughtnaut mob carries two valuable drops: the Wrought Helm and the Axe of a Thousand Metals. The Wrought Helm is a highly durable helmet that offers 2 Armor and 1 Knockback Resistance when equipped. It is also immune to breaking, making it a reliable choice. Players can enchant the Wrought Helm to augment its properties.

The Axe of a Thousand Metals is another coveted drop that can prove to be a valuable asset during battles. This weapon renders an Attack Damage value of 9 with an Attack Speed of 0.9, making it an incredibly strong option. The Axe of a Thousand Metals offers two attack styles with different damage outputs. Players can right-click to attack weblike arc or hold down the SHIFT key and right-click to slam the ground, resulting in a shockwave. The detail and quality of these two items make them prized possessions among players.

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Stop using These Attacks

When spawned, these opponents rest their arms on their axes and remain still. However, they’re quick to ready themselves and attack when a player approaches or assaults them. Importantly, they’re impervious to damage except during a vertical swing attack.

  • Firstly, it can swing its axe in a short-range horizontal arc after a brief delay, dealing approximately 30 points of damage.
  • Alternatively, it may opt to swing its axe in a short-range vertical arc with another short delay, dealing a massive 45 points of damage upon impact and becoming stuck in the ground as a result.
  • While the axe remains embedded in the ground, the Wroughtnaut is left vulnerable and may be attacked once from its back.
  • In addition to these, the Wroughtnaut may use its stamping attack, which has the potential to deal up to 6 points of damage to nearby mobs while also flinging them further away. The closest mobs take the greatest damage and are tossed even farther than those further away. As of Mowzies Mobs 1.5.20 and higher, this attack can be avoided by jumping at the right moment.
  • According to potential lore, the Ferrous Wroughtnaut could be related to the Grottol, as both exist within the bedrock version and files under the names “grottol wroughtnaut”. It might be constructed from multiple Grottols, perhaps even incorporating a human soul.
  • When defeated, this enemy drops valuable loot, including a Wrought Helm and an Axe of a Thousand Metals. These items are highly sought after by adventurers due to their superior quality and exceptional rarity.

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