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The game’s latest Java Edition snapshot 23w12a, which released additional content previews for update 1.20, has introduced the ability to edit signs. By interacting with the sign after it has been placed, players can freely edit the text as they want without needing to break the block first.

This should be incredibly useful for Minecraft fans who use signs regularly to post important information. However, it also presents a new opportunity for players to trick others by changing the sign’s text.

The sign changes are welcome, and much more was made available in this latest Minecraft Java snapshot.

Digging up new discoveries in the upcoming 1.20 update of Minecraft just got even more exciting with the latest snapshot 23w12a. Along with some nifty gameplay improvements to signs, players also get a sneak peek of some thrilling new features. Discover elusive new eggs for the sniffer mob and collect additional armor trim templates in an ancient civilization structure, where archeology gameplay takes center stage. With the Trails & Tales update on the horizon, it’s clear that there’s an enormous amount of fascinating content to be discovered when it’s finally released.

New Amazing Features

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New Amazing Features introduced in Minecraft’s 23w12a snapshot

  •  Vibration Resonance: Attention all Minecrafters! Brace yourselves for some exciting updates! Say goodbye to boring mining expeditions and hello to the Vibration Resonance feature.
  •  Calibrated Sculk Sensors : With the help of Amethyst shards, you can now re-emit the frequency of a sculk sensor’s vibration when placed nearby. And that’s not all! We also present to you the Calibrated Sculk Sensors – a new variant that filters vibrations based on their frequency intensity.
  • Suspicious Grave: This new archaeology block can be found in cold and warm ocean ruins, as well as in the new Trail Ruins structure
  • Trail Ruin:Speaking of Trail Ruins, this generated structure can now be found in various biomes on land and under bodies of water! Plus, you can snag new armor trim patterns and suspicious sand and gravel while exploring.
  • Pottery Shards: Get ready to uncover the Pottery Shards and dive deeper into your Minecraft adventure like never before!
  • Get your hands dirty and uncover the newest pottery shards, each with their own unique patterns, in the five locations designated for archeology. 
  • New Armor Trims: Upgrade your armor with the five new trim patterns -Wayfinder, Raiser, Shaper, Host and the elusive Silence Explore the ancient cities and trail ruins to discover them all
  • Back-Side Sign Text : And now, with the power to add text to the back of signs, your messages will never be missed. Wax them with honeycombs to keep others from changing your words.
  • Sniffer Eggs : With our new invention, you can have one in just 20 minutes! Simply place the eggs on most blocks, or speed up the process by placing them on moss for a 10-minute hatch time. And, for those looking to breed sniffers, you’re in for an even bigger surprise! Instead of a new sniffle popping up, you’ll get an egg that you can hatch and build a whole sniffer family. Get cracking (literally) and start your own collection today!

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