The developers at the famous studio Mojang keep delighting their players with new products. The latest update in Minecraft 1.19.11 now includes an ability to make fire from mangrove trees, an improved varden and much more. This update is as always, high quality and interesting.

What is exciting in Minecraft 1.19.11 ?

Minecraft PE 1.19.11 offers players more opportunities to travel, create mechanisms, and survive. Each update showcases the ever-evolving cubic world. The Mojang Studios development team has also fixed the issue with the health scale displaying incorrect values. This prevented players from interacting with the world or even becoming invisible after death.


Mangrove swamps

Experience interesting and unusual locations on a journey through the cubic world. Among them, you can explore the new swamp biome that harbors many unique trees and plants. In Minecraft PE 1.19.11, you can even create bonfires using mangrove wood and logs as you get to know the locals.


Minecraft PE 1.19.11 has introduced new features: previously unkindlable trees are now flammable and the mangrove swamps are more lush. The biome looks denser, particularly from a height, thanks to the developers’ work on vegetation.

Interduce Varden

With the launch of Minecraft’s 1.19.11, developers have made Varden even tougher. The mob will no longer be damaged by height falls, even if it’s falling from 20 blocks. This means it has become more potent and deadly.


In Minecraft PE 1.19.11’s cubic world, Aley now emits a beautiful bluish light in the dark, similar to spider or enderman eyes, but with a soothing and fabulous appearance. The mob can also be cloned, but requires some interval time.

Mangrove Blocks

Mangrove wood has been evaluated and used by many to create homes and objects. In Minecraft 1.19.11, crafters can also make campfires using mangrove charcoal. Furthermore, mangrove swamps offer other valuable resources like mud that can be used as a foundation to easily build shelters.

Also, players have the ability to plant berry bushes in the mud mod.

Ancient city

One of the fascinating places to explore in Minecraft PE 1.19.11 is the ancient city. To enter, you must travel to the Deep Dark biome and locate this special area within the vastness of the territory. Within the ancient city, heroes may discover abandoned castles and buildings filled with treasures, including the elusive Redstone room. Keep your eyes peeled for the Sculk Patch, which appears frequently in this area.

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New command

Minecraft 1.19.11 features a new player tool called Locate. This tool allows players to easily move to any desired biome, making gameplay simple and enjoyable. No need to memorize seeds or fly around the world looking for a biome anymore! Just type /locate in the game chat, select your desired biome, and voilà – you’re there.

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